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Making Payments

To make payments for consultations, workshops or products, please use one of the following methods, in order of preference. Once payment has been made, or cheque sent, please email: info@hertsholistichealth.co.uk to let us know the amount and your method of payment so we can keep a lookout for it.

1. Bank Transfer; Details as follows: Smile Bank, Sort code: 08-92-86, Acct: 08071824, Name on acct: Mr P & Ms T Donn

For international transfers the following information may be needed:

IBAN: GB61 CPBK 0892 8608 0718 24


2. Send a cheque; Payable to "Peter Donn" to 2 Love Lane, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire WD4 9HN

3. Online payment; Pay below using the form provided.

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